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6S Transport Ltd joined with CMS Trinity Transport Ltd in 2020, establishing 6S Trinity Transport Ltd.

6S Trinity Transport Ltd is a family-operated company based in Southern Alberta focused on building relationships with our customers to gain their trust and respect. We continue to strive for excellence in safety and advanced training of our drivers and staff.

Our team consists of experienced, competent drivers with 20 or more years hauling different commodities including equipment, shacks, pipe, concrete products, rig mats, heavy haul and other related oilfield materials. In addition, our drivers have many years of over-dimensional and Ice Road experience. Furthermore, we have a dedicated, ambitious office team who are ready to move your product.

Over Dimensional Transport: 6S Trinity Transport has expertise in handling over-dimensional cargo, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of large and bulky items that exceed standard size limits.


Heavy Haul Transport: Our company is equipped to transport heavy loads that require specialized trailers and equipment, offering reliable solutions for moving heavy machinery, equipment, and industrial components.


Transport to Remote Areas: 6S Trinity Transport provides transportation services to remote and hard-to-reach locations, ensuring that goods reach their destination even in challenging terrains or secluded areas.


Bonded Services: Our company offers bonded transportation services, providing secure and compliant movement of goods under bond, which can be crucial for international shipments or goods in transit.


Cross-Border Transport: With operations extending to both the United States and Canada, 6S Trinity Transport facilitates seamless cross-border transportation, navigating customs procedures and regulations for efficient deliveries.

Superior Customer Service: 6S Trinity Transport prides itself on offering the best customer service in the industry. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, providing personalized attention, timely communication, and efficient solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

By combining specialized services like over-dimensional transport, heavy haul, remote area logistics, bonded services, and cross-border operations with a commitment to excellence in customer service, 6S Trinity Transport sets itself apart as a trusted and reliable partner for transportation solutions across diverse industries.


We provide the following services:

Flat deck, step deck, power only, flat-deck trombone, step-deck trombone, scissor neck, dry van, multi-axle RGN, hotshot, and B-Train.

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